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Welcome to TaxBreaks, a tax podcast where difficult tax issues are translated into plain English and discussed in an open and frank manner. Sometimes, we even have a little lighthearted fun.

TaxBreaks features informed discussion and lively debate on tax-related issues in Canada, the United States, and around the world. Please note: the opinions expressed are solely our own and do not express the views or opinions of the CRA, IRS, or any other federal agency or tax governing bodies.

Episode 015 – So You’re a US Citizen Resident in Canada…What Do You Need to Know?

On the latest episode of the podcast, Kim G C Moody, Kenneth Keung and special guest Azam Rajan discuss tax from the perspective of US citizens who live in Canada. Why this is important to US citizens has a lot to do with taxes, naturally. 


Episode 014 – The Latest on CEWS, CEBA and New Rental Assistance Program

On the latest episode of the podcast, Kim G C Moody and Kenneth Keung discuss new announcements on CEWS, CEBA and New Rental Assistance Program.


Episode 013 – Will a Wealth Tax be Introduced in Canada?

Last week, on September 30, 2020, the Saskatchewan NDP announced that if elected, they will institute a 1% wealth tax for Saskatchewan residents with more than $15 million of net worth. Federally, there were also hints about a wealth tax in the September 23, 2020 Speech from the Throne. While these discussions/proposals may all just…