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Areas of Expertise

  • California non-resident, pre-residence and departure tax planning
  • Cross-border tax planning
  • Corporate tax
  • Cross-border estate planning
  • International tax planning
  • Personal tax planning
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • US non-resident, pre-residence and departure tax planning
  • US tax law
  • Brent E. LanceLLM (US Tax)
    Counsel | US Tax Lawyer Moodys Tax

    “I think I just heard a hair split.” - EADA Michael Cutter on “Law & Order”

    Brent remembers that the tax code ‘spoke to him’ even as a law student.  While at law school, he clerked with a law firm assisting a major American hotel chain trying to open China’s first hotel for westerners in 1978. Brent loved the feeling of being involved in the multi-dimensional chess match that international and cross-border tax planning entails, and he was hooked from that day forward. After later obtaining a Masters of Tax Law from New York University School of Law (the “gold standard” of US tax law programs) emphasizing international tax course criteria, he would spend the next decade and a half working with international tax clients in the Los Angeles and San Francisco offices of prestige multinational tax firms.

    In 1993, Brent set up his own cross-border tax and law firm in Palm Desert, California. He has spent almost three decades there helping Canadian, US and international clients with tax and estate planning for their global, cross-border and California business operations and investments. After 43 years in cross-border tax planning, Brent’s success is borne from his ability to explain complex tax concepts to clients using their home country’s tax system as a starting point, simply focusing on the differences in US tax law.

    Brent is excited that his new adopted home of Calgary will allow him to indulge in his passion for horses and endurance riding. He still maintains a horse ranch in the mountains near Palm Desert, which is home to his many horses and dogs.