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US Citizenship Renunciation

Is now the time to renounce your US citizenship?
Make the right decision for you and your family.

Our team of US lawyers represent over 400+ US citizens to properly renounce their citizenship every year. We will help you assess if renouncing your US citizenship is right for you. If you decide to renounce, we work with you through every step to make sure the process is as smooth as possible, while avoiding the negative consequences of renouncing the wrong way.

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A Comparison of the Liberal, Conservative and NDP Tax Policies for the 2021 Federal Election

Tired of wading through political rhetoric that never gets to the point? Moodys Private Client has summarized the tax announcements contained in the election platforms of the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP so that you can see how each of these political parties proposes to hit your pocketbooks for the next four years.

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Canada Further Eases Some Travel Restrictions and Adds Vaccine Requirement

What’s the skinny? Full vaccination against COVID-19 is now your key to and within Canada. As of this morning (September 7, 2021), Canada’s borders are open to all travellers with appropriate travel documents (country-specific) who qualify for the fully-vaccinated traveller exemption. 

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Department of Homeland Security Extends Temporary I-9 Flexibility for COVID-19

On August 31, 2021, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced an extension of the agency’s…

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Kim G C Moody is quoted in the Investment Executive on the “misleading” June 30 press release regarding Bill C-208: Investment Executive, July 20, 2021


Bill C-208 has caused some confusion for business owners wanting to sell. Kim G C Moody joined Dave and Faisal on More Than Money (July 17, 2021), to break down what this bill is and its tax implications. Listen to the episode


 “I tend to think this is going to be a huge spend budget…” Kim G C Moody  is quoted in an article in the Globe and Mail on what to watch for in the federal budget, April 15, 2021. (Subscription Required)


Kim G C Moody is quoted in an article in the Edmonton Journal about his keynote remarks at the Alberta Chamber of Commerce, March 24, 2021


“We need a budget. We need a plan.”
Kim G C Moody is quoted in an article, “Warn on 1.83T Debt Ceiling,” March 18, 2021, on Blacklock’s Reporter (Subscription Required).