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COVID Testing Requirements Loosened for Some Canadian Travellers

After the last two-years of lockdowns, travel bans and restrictions, and rigid COVID-19 testing requirements for travel, we will take any good news on this front. And, thankfully, we have a bit of that good news.

Beginning November 30, 2021, which is coincidentally my birthday, fully-vaccinated Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents, individuals registered under the Indian Act, and their accompanying children under twelve (12), who travel outside of Canada and re-enter Canada within seventy-two (72) hours of leaving, won’t have to provide a pre-entry molecular test result.

In a recent meeting with US Senator Amy Klobuchar, Prime Minister Trudeau did push for the US to reciprocate this most recent, small step towards normalcy. We hope to see this and greater roll-backs of restrictions as case numbers continue to generally be on the decline and vaccination rates steadily rise.

Stay tuned for the latest from the MPC immigration team as we closely monitor these restrictions and other significant changes in US and Canadian immigration!