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“The challenge is not so much to change the sound. The challenge is to connect and to create something special.” – Gustavo Dudamel, Conductor

A violinist, an oboist, and a cellist can all, individually, play beautiful pieces of music. But to play something as powerful as a symphony requires a full orchestra. Each member works together to create a piece of music that is much more than the sum of its parts. An orchestra connects and unifies different sounds to create something special and, in turn, form a powerful connection with the audience through the music.

We are not classical musicians (well, most of us are not, but we would be remiss not to mention the musical talent of one of our key teammates, Kenneth Keung), but we do understand the magic that happens when you bring everything together and play as an orchestra. That’s how you create something special.

Today, we’re proud to announce Moodys Private Client, home to Moodys Tax Law, Moodys Private Client Accounting, and Moodys Private Client Law. Moodys Private Client brings your tax, legal, and accounting needs all under one roof while always respecting the requirements of the legal and accounting professions.



The road to wealth and success is never linear. As you travel along this journey, your tax, accounting and legal needs and obligations become more and more complex. Whether you’re a business owner, a C-suite executive, a professional athlete, or are building your good fortune in one of many other ways; our job is to simplify your world no matter how complex. Addressing these needs individually can be like a violin or a cello playing its part. Done well, it can be beautiful in its own right. But the real magic of the symphony is only possible when you bring it all together.

Like a well-tuned orchestra, we’ve brought together Canadian and US legal and accounting professionals experienced in tax, law and accounting to ensure you’re covered from every angle.

Your needs are distinctive and unique, whether you’re a bright, fresh-thinking entrepreneur or have built wealth through decades of hard work and success. We offer timely, bespoke, creative and fire-tested solutions to protect your wealth and help you take advantage of opportunities. We believe in looking at everything from an elevated perspective to see answers before they become questions and identify issues before they become problems. We rely on our entrepreneurial spirit to see what others do not and chart the best path forward for your individual situation. When we advise you to take risks, they are well-calculated and supported by decades of collective experience. When a situation requires a careful hand, we see every detail, anticipate every obstacle, and rely on our global, multi-disciplinary expertise to ensure success. We remain flexible, pragmatic, efficient and discrete at all times.

The relationships we have with our clients are the foundation of everything we do. We take a personalized approach with every client, striving to build a relationship and a personal and professional connection. This not only ensures we understand what is important to you beyond dollars and figures, but it is also what gives us the most pride in our work, and it is what makes us unique. We work with you to identify the strengths, dangers, and opportunities unique to your situation and do more than provide solutions: we help you understand them. We see ourselves reflected in each of our clients and take it as our responsibility to provide the level of service and care we would expect for ourselves. We know that the journey is long and that we may meet you at any given stage. Led by the CEO of Moodys Private Client, Kim G C Moody, our goal is to unite your success with our expertise and ensure the situations in your life where tax, accounting and legal are concerned feel as easy and stress-free as possible. No matter where your interests lay or how complex your situation, Moodys Private Client offers solutions to simplify the journey ahead.

Together, we’ll explore what’s possible.


What’s new

Moodys Tax Law

As much as things change, they stay the same. Everything you’ve come to know and appreciate about Moodys Tax Law remains the same, with greater access to legal services beyond the world of tax. Our Moodys Tax Law website has been updated and streamlined, focused on the services we provide through Moodys Tax Law and the great team behind them. Our blog, which many of you enjoy, will have additional legal-related content and is now hosted on the Moodys Private Client hub.

Moodys Private Client Law

MPC Business Law is now Moodys Private Client Law and we’ve expanded our practice areas. In addition to business law, led by Doug McCartney, Director of Moodys Private Client Law, our team provides legal services in both trust and estate law, led by Nancy Golding, and Canadian and US immigration law, led by R. Oliver Branch.

Moodys Private Client Accounting

Our accounting firm is now Moodys Private Client Accounting. Led by Shauna Walsh Cann, our team provides Canadian and US cross-border accounting services covering both private individual needs and corporate accounting needs.

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