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Our firm’s correspondence to the Minister of Finance: Round 2

Ever since the release of the July 18, 2017 private corporation tax proposals by the Canadian government, our firm has been very active in studying the proposals and informing the public of the consequences to the extent that they become implemented into law. We believe it is important for all affected stakeholders to be informed. Tax law is complex; therefore, it is important to try to distill such information into plain English and that is what we are trying to do. As part of that effort, we have created a Myths vs. Facts sheet which you can read here.

On September 3rd, our firm corresponded to the Liberal caucus to express our concerns with the objective of trying to educate the MPs on the very valid issues that small business owners have. In the interest of keeping this conversation moving forward, our firm sent another email earlier today.

You’ll find a copy of our latest correspondence here.

Read our first letter to the Liberal Caucus here.