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Episode 022 – Are Pleasurable Marketing Activities a Taxable Benefit

  • Published: July 14, 2022 |
  • by: Moodys Private Client

In this podcast, Kenneth Keung and Kim G C Moody review a recent Tax Court of Canada decision – Bruce Jackman / Nancy Jackman v. HMQ 2022 TCC 73. This case is a rather entertaining case (at least for tax geeks 😂) which dealt with the amount, if any, of the taxable benefit received by the use of a boat owned by a corporation that operated a marina business. Some of the marketing activities involving the boat and the Jackmans might have even been pleasurable and fun! The blunt decision by the Tax Court Judge – who found in favour of the Jackmans – is refreshing and a good reminder of the law on personal use benefits that might be received by shareholders when using corporate assets. Happy listening!