TaxBreaks Podcast


Episode 035 – Impact of August 4th Proposed Amendment to the Alternative Minimum Tax Regime (AMT)

  • Published: August 22, 2023 |
  • by: MPC

In our firm’s latest podcast, Kenneth Keung and Kim G C Moody briefly discuss the 2023 Federal Budget proposals to amend the alternative minimum tax regime under Canadian tax law. Specifically, Kenneth and Kim discuss:

  • The history of the AMT;
  • The architecture of the AMT;
  • The 2021 Liberal Party election policy platform promise to introduce a “15% minimum tax;
  • The 2022 Federal Budget update on election policy promise;
  • The 2023 Federal Budget proposals;
  • The release of the draft legislation for the AMT amendments on August 4, 2023;
  • The impact of the AMT proposals on charitable giving, capitals gains and trusts; and
  • What should Canadian taxpayers and their advisors do about these proposals?

Happy listening!