TaxBreaks Podcast


Episode 028 – 2023 Federal Budget Predictions

  • Published: March 13, 2023 |
  • by: Moodys Private Client

In this episode of TaxBreaks, Kenneth Keung and Kim GC Moody provide their predictions on what might be included – or not – in the 2023 Canadian Federal Budget (that will be released on March 28, 2023). Kenneth and Kim provide their best “guesstimates” on:

  • Will personal and/or corporate tax rates increase or decrease?

  • Will the Budget contain the long-awaited Bill C-208 amendments that deal with inter-generational transfers of private businesses?

  • Will the capital gains inclusion rate increase?

  • Will we see amendments to the alternative tax regime?

  • Will we see proposals released for the often-promised employee ownership trusts?

  • Will the principal residence exemption be amended?

  • Will there be new personal tax credits released?

  • Will there be amendments released to clean up the technically deficient Underutilized Housing Tax Act?

  • Will there be legislative proposals released to amend the general anti-avoidance rule?

  • Will there be windfall taxes introduced that attack, say, the oil and gas sector?

  • Will a wealth tax be introduced?

 And some other predictions you’ll just have to listen to and find out!
Happy listening!