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Tax Content in the Speech from the Throne, Sept. 2020

On September 23, 2020, the Governor General of Canada opened the second session of the 43rd parliament of Canada with the speech from the throne. Overly simplified, the speech contained no detail, was overtly political (what else would you expect?) and gave strong signals about where the government is headed. For those not familiar with the purpose and process of the throne speech, a very short explanation provided by the Parliament of Canada can be found here.

Given the fact that the government currently only holds a minority, will Canadians be going to the polls soon? Well, I guess time will tell but given the NDP’s recent announcement that it would be supporting the speech, it looks like an election in the immediate short-term has been averted.

While the speech was light on detail, it did contain some references to possible tax changes. Accordingly, my colleague Kenneth Keung and myself recorded a new episode of the podcast where we discuss some of the tax references and what such possible changes might look like in this “crystal balling” episode.

Happy listening!