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Jason LauCPA
Tax Advisor Moodys Tax

“The income tax statute conclusively presumes that the Minister’s assessment of an individual’s tax payable is correct unless the taxpayer can establish that it is not.” - Vern Krishna

Jason came to Moodys after gaining experience at the Canada Revenue Agency, specializing in audits of owner-managed businesses. He saw first-hand the costly consequences that common misconceptions and poor tax planning can have on an individual. His empathy for the taxpayer drove a change, leaving the CRA and joining Moodys so that he could assist clients in becoming compliant.

Jason’s experience gives him a perspective from “the other side,” and is a valuable strength when guiding clients through the audit process or when responding to a CRA reassessment. Instead of seeing taxpayers suffer, he’s helping them prepare, and he says, “there’s nothing I enjoy more.”